Check the value of your vehicle for trade-in before you ever step foot in our dealership! Use our helpful tool below to estimate the value of your trade-in vehicle and jumpstart your car buying process.

Common Ed Voyles Genesis Vehicle Trade-in Questions

How can I get the most for my trade-in?
This is one of our most common questions and we recommend three steps: clean, repair, and gather information. Give your entire vehicle, even in the cup holders, nooks and crannies, a thorough cleaning. This helps remove stains, grime, and unwanted scents from your vehicle to help ensure you get more for your trade-in value. Repair and fix small issues (windshield wipers, air filters, oil change, etc). Lastly, gather a thorough history of car maintenance records (servicing, tire replacement and rotation, oil changes, etc.) to show a consistent vehicle care record.

Why is it beneficial to trade in my vehicle?
Trading in your vehicle is a great way to jumpstart the purchase of your next vehicle. While some people attempt to sell their vehicle online, it can be more of a hassle than it is worth. Drivers that choose to sell their vehicle online have to find a safe buyer, ensure the title is transferred over, and try to get the price they need without haggling. This process alone can take weeks and even months. With a dealership, you can not only trade-in your vehicle but save yourself the hassle and costs associated with selling it on your own. Plus, you'll be able to quickly and simply trade-in your vehicle and purchase a vehicle in the same day.

How much can I expect to receive for my trade-in?
Trade-in values vary widely and are based on make, model, year, trim package, and condition. A helpful resource is Kelley Blue Book, which helps sellers and buyers understand what a reasonable cost is for any type of vehicle based on its condition. While it isn't exact, it's a helpful starting point. You can also use the tool at the top of this page to estimate what your trade-in value would be with Ed Voyles Genesis. I've added after-market trim and accessories to my vehicle. 

Does that increase the value of my vehicle?
While it depends on the vehicle you drive, after-market accessories don't automatically increase the value of your trade-in. Some sport utility vehicles and trucks may benefit from additional accessories, but don't add any accessories just to increase the trade-in value since many of these additions are based on the preference of the next owner. 

Appraise Your Trade-in Value with Ed Voyles Genesis in Smyrna, GA

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