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Common Ed Voyles Genesis Auto Servicing Questions

I have a warning light on my dashboard. Do I need to get my vehicle serviced?
Warning lights are meant to alert a driver when there's an issue that needs to be addressed and most likely serviced. So, the short answer is yes. While sometimes warning lights can be triggered by small sensor issues, most often it's an issue with something that needs to be looked at by a knowledgeable auto mechanic. Our team of service professionals have years of knowledge and experience from working with all kinds of different vehicles. They can tell you if your warning light is a simple fix or a more complex issue. 

How often do I need to get an oil change? 
Changing the oil in your vehicle is an easy, routine way to extend the life and health of your vehicle. Most vehicles need their oil changed every 3,000-7,000 miles or every three months. Depending on the age and type of the vehicle, this number may vary, but you can find your specific vehicle's recommendations in your owner's manual.

When is my car due for a tune up?
Every vehicle is different, but a tune up is typically recommended every 10,000-12,000 miles or once a year. For brand new vehicles, a tune up may not be necessary for 25,000 miles or more, but for older vehicles, a tune-up every year can extend the life of the vehicle. It's been a while since my last tire rotation. 

How often do I need to have my tires rotated and inspected?
Tires are the shoes of your vehicle, and they experience very consistent wear and tear during your daily commute. Just think of all the miles you put on your tires each year! Most mechanics recommend having your vehicle's tires rotated every 6 months, especially if you have a front-wheel drive vehicle or if you regularly put significant mileage on your vehicle. If you drive in rough conditions (snowy, icy roads or poor-quality roads) or if you go off-roading regularly, you may need more regular tire rotations, repairs, or replacements. 

When do I need to replace my brake pads?
While brake pads wear and tear based on the amount of driving you do and the way you drive your vehicle (like starting and stopping often in bumper-to-bumper traffic), we recommend inspecting and replacing your brake pads every 20,000-30,000 miles. If you notice your vehicle taking longer to brake or any strange noises when braking, it's probably time to go in and have your brakes serviced. If you're already servicing your vehicle for other reasons (tires, oil change, tune up, etc.) it's a good idea to have the mechanic inspect the brakes as well.

How long will it take to have my vehicle serviced with Ed Voyles Genesis?
Service timelines vary by the amount of work and repair needed on the vehicle, so service estimates can range widely. But, at Ed Voyles Genesis, we know that your vehicle is your lifeline, especially in a city like Atlanta. We'll work hard to keep you informed of our progress throughout the process and to get your vehicle into tip top shape as quickly as possible. Our team of service professionals are knowledgeable, speedy, and ready to assist!

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